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Hi, and welcome to the site!

Bike News Asia had been sizzling in the pot for some time now; the idea being to create a blog/website to bring regional enthusiasts news, images, and stories, of all things cycling in Southeast Asia - and a little further afield, even with some European and Worldwide roundup's from time to time.
The site was created with with a whole pile of enthusiasm and experience, and just about zero web skill! But we hope that as time and resources permit that we will be able to work on this - but it's a long old slog to get there - being a one man band it will take time to develop.
This is not purely a race and tech news site, or a personal blog - so any outside contributions of material or assistance are always appreciated (we really like touring and ride info too) - although please contact us first.
We, err I, also hope to bring exclusive insights into Asian cycling, as well as exclusive material from some of the regions leading cycling figures from time to time - so please spread the word and keep checking the site - it's the only way we can survive!

Hope you like the site

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Contact - bnaeditor@gmail.com

Steve Thomas - Mr Bikenewsasia

Steve is a lifelong cyclist - having raced at just about every level of the sport in manny disciplines, including many years as a pro rider on one of Europe's major MTB teams, and a whole heap of time on the road in Europe too. Steve holds several odd-ball records for riding up, down, and across things, and quite fast too - and has ridden in more than 50 countries around the world.
Media wise - he's one of the most published cycling photographers, writers and authors around, and has/does work for numerous leading cycling, travel and lifelstyle titles around the world, which he's done for around 2 decades now.
Check out www.stevethomaslive.com