Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Got some bike art, NAHBS could be the place


What is ArtBike! ?

ArtBike! is a street art/sculpture/installation art exhibition that is open to all. It celebrates the timeless design versatility of the bicycle and brings creative, progressive, and conservative people together through community, bikes and art!

When is ArtBike! ?

ArtBike! begins now. The official launch is Second Saturday, February 11th, but art works will likely start appearing around the city as of Feb. 1. The public exhibition of bike art runs through March 4th, marking the end of NAHBS 2012 in Sacramento.

Where is ArtBike! ?

ArtBike! is in Hot Italian, in galleries in the Downtown/Midtown areas, in galleries and on the streets around the liveliest areas of Sacramento, and in the US Bicycle Hall of Fame in Davis. Check back and we will give you more locations as they sign up! (Apply here to be an ArtBike! venue).
Each participating gallery can receive one handmade, custom painted bicycle from a North American Handmade Bicycle Show exhibitor.
We will have a venue for the headquarters and focus point for ArtBike! and we encourage artists to decorate the area with attractive and fun bicycle-themed exhibits. That’s right: all art has to have a cycling theme.
Then, in the NAHBS expo hall during the weekend of the show, there will be a 20’ x 20’ display area for contributing artists to display their work to a crowd of thousands.

How does ArtBike! work?

Participation is free! It’s a volunteer-run project.
Gallery owners will receive bicycles to be displayed for the better part of the month of February.
The installation art on the street must be photographed, and pictures and precise location sent to us for our geo blog. The photos can be sold too! NAHBS and City of Sacramento will have reproduction rights to these images to promote the show and the city of Sacramento through magazines and websites. The artist will always receive a name credit.
Artwork can be sold at the NAHBS exhibition or other gallery venues. 30% from each sale will be donated to a charity/non-profit of your choice in the Arts and Cycling industries. You split the other half with the gallery (Items sold at the NAHBS show hall will be 40% to artist, 40% to charity, 20% handling fee if artist is not present to arrange the transaction. If artist is present, it’s a 50-50 split).

Party on…

On the night of Thursday March 1st there will be The ArtBike! Party at Hot Italian where artists, friends and media will gather to celebrate the unity of… Art! and Bikes!
A raffle at this party will raise funds for cycling and art non-profits.

Why is ArtBike! happening?

ArtBike! is an effort to create a community buzz about just how cool it is to be creative, healthy, and into bikes.
It is a collaboration of two of the most positive and progressive communities in the world!
It amplifies the effect of NAHBS and will help leave a lasting impression on the city of Sacramento and its neighbors about how fabulous life can be when filled with Bikes! and Art!
When the city, the community, local galleries, NAHBS, artists, bike advocates, and visitors collaborate on a project, the positive energy generated is astounding and resounding.

Great! How do I get involved?

1. Contact Paul at O2 Active and let him know your plans.
2. Get to work on producing your BikeArt!
3. When it’s finished, send us a picture! With larger pieces we may be able to allow you to leave your art in (Venue) and along the (Trail Venue). We will have to get this approved with the right folks, but thus far everyone is into it!
4. We will notify you whether or not your work has been selected to exhibit in the NAHBS show hall.
5. Come to the awesome ArtBike! party on March 1st! And check back here for more info.