Saturday, 2 July 2011

Travis Meyer out for the season

Travis Meyer will spend the rest of the season recovering from surgery to his Left External Iliac Artery. 

Travis underwent surgery on the 8th June in Lyon and is expected to make a full recovery. This procedure has been performed over 600 times on cyclists by his French Vascular Surgeon and is a common problem that professional cyclists encounter. Many Protour riders have resumed a successful career after having had the surgery.

Please read below a quote from Travis Meyer

“I started to experience a lack of power in my left leg, along with extreme pain and discomfort, especially whilst time trialing and climbing”. “The pain in my left leg got so bad that after about 5 minutes into a TT I would barely be able to use my left side”

I got it checked out and found out I had a major narrowing in my external iliac artery, which was stopping the blood flow to my leg. This required me to have surgery ASAP, so I got the surgery done in Lyon on the 8th of June (my birthday) and had to stay in hospital for a week and then in a hotel in Lyon for another 5 days before I could get driven back to my apartment in Girona.

I have to have a good 2 months off the bike in order to recover, and then a nice slow progression from there. It is quiet a delicate procedure and one which should not be taken lightly. If you over do things to early then it can lead to more serious complications.

“My season is basically over but I am making sure I am fully recovered so that I can hit the 2011 season running and hopefully with two good legs, I can have a better year”.