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Cancellara joins Luxembourg Project

PARIS, November 30, 2010 (AFP) - Swiss cyclist Fabien Cancellara has joined the Luxembourgian team set up around the brothers Franck and Andy Schleck, the new outfit announced on Tuesday.
Cancellara, Olympic champion in 2008 and four-time world time-trial champion, has signed a three-year contract, having left Danish team Saxo Bank in September.
"In adding the name of Cancellara to the team, the management have managed to assemble one of the best groups in modern cycling," said Luxembourg Pro Cycling Project in a press release.
"I had a good number of options but in the end I know that the project in Luxembourg had all the necessary ingredients to keep progressing," said Cancellara, 29.
The new team, whose name remains unknown, had already announced the recruitment of Germany's Jens Voigt, Belgium's Maxime Monfort, Portugal's Bruno Pires and the Italians Daniele Bennati, Davide Vigano and Giacomo Nizzolo.

Colnago-CSF sign up for Tour de Langkawi


KUALA LUMPUR - Under the successive appellations of Scrigno-Gaerne, Navigare, Panaria and CSF, the Colnago-CSF of the Reverberi’s (father Bruno and son Roberto) is the most successful team in terms of stage wins in the history of Le Tour de Langkawi with 33 up to date. The Italian squad collected these triumphs from 1998 to 2009 but missed out on the 2010 edition of LTdL due to the clash with European events in March.
However, they kept the Malaysian event in mind and were the first team to enter for the sixteenth Tour de Langkawi that will be held from January 23 to February 1st. “We’re glad to come back because the organisation of the event is always great and this is for sure a nice experience for our young riders”, Roberto Reverberi said. He selected four neo professionals who will make their debut in the highest ranks when the race will kick off on the island of Langkawi and two riders in their second year pro. Alberto Contoli who will be with Colnago-CSF for the second season at the age of 23 is their designated climber for LTdL, while Andrea Piechele who transferred from Carmiooro-NGC will come to Malaysia as the team’s sprinter. He got several top ten placing in 2010, among which a second place at Circuit of Getxo in Spain.
Colnago-CSF’s four neo-pros at LTdL will be Paolo Locatelli, Omar Lombardi, Angelo Pagani and Andrea Pasqualon who are some of the most promising Italian talents. In the past, Reverberi’s team enjoyed successes in Malaysia with foreign riders such as Australia’s Graeme Brown, Nathan O’Neill and Brett Lancaster, Argentine’s Ruben Bongiorno and the Richeze brothers, Ukraine’s Sergey Matveyev, as well as Mexican Julio Alberto Perez Cuapio who won the Genting stage in 2000, but it’s now a fully Italian roster since the title sponsorship of the team has been taken over by legendary bike manufacturer Ernesto Colnago who enjoyed the unexpected stage win of Manuel Belletti at the 2010 Giro d’Italia in his home town of Cesenatico.
“Our strategy might change from the previous years since the mountain stages of Cameron and Genting Highlands are on day 4 and 5”, Reverberi noted. “That means from stage 6 onwards, there will be breakaways from far out that will have a chance to succeed. For young riders, it’s a great opportunity to get the experience to race as professionals. A positive thing is the pretty short distance of the stages, it suits the early season period. As always, we’ll do our best to make the most of the course.”
The Colnago-CSF team returns to Malaysia with the same spirit they had on their first Asian trip. That led Alessandro Petacchi to score the first win of his pro career in Mersing. That was to be followed by 145 more victories, including two at the 2010 Tour de France where he also won the points classification.


For the record, here are the 33 stage winners of the team in the history of LTdL:

1998: Mirko Rossato, stage 4; Alessandro Petacchi, stage 6; Dario Pieri, stage 8; Mirko Rossato, stage 9; Luca Cei, stage 12.
1999: Enrico Degano, stage 2; Enrico Degano, stage 7; Luca Cei, stage 12.
2000: Julio Alberto Perez Cuapio, stage 10.
2001: Enrico Degano, stage 2; Enrico Degano, stage 5; Nathan O’Neill, stage 10.
2002: Enrico Degano, stage 3; Graeme Brown, stage 6; Graeme Brown, stage 10.
2003: Graeme Brown, stage 5: Graeme Brown, stage 7; Ruben Bongiorno, stage 10.
2004: Brett Lancaster, stage 3; Ruben Bongiorno, stage 10.
2005: Graeme Brown, stage 1; Ruben Bongiorno, stage 2; Graeme Brown, stage 5, Ruben Bongiorno, stage 6; Graeme Brown, stage 7; Graeme Brown, stage 9; Graeme Brown, stage 10.
2006: Maximiliano Richeze, stage 1; Ruben Bongiorno, stage 2; Sergey Matveyev, stage 9.
2007: Maximiliano Richeze, stage 2.
2008: Filippo Savini, stage 8; Mauro Richeze, stage 9.

Behind The Barriers 8

This is the latest installment of a series following US cyclo cross rider jeremy Powers through the season, hope you enjoy ;)

"Behind The Barriers" Episode 8 from Behind The Barriers on Vimeo.

Sneak peep at the new Garmin-Cervelo jersey for 2011

pic thanks to Slipstream 

Wow, what an amazing ride!

Inversion Riders from Big Col on Vimeo.

Life on the Edge

Monday, 29 November 2010

Could we get Bike Highways in Asia too?

COPENHAGEN, November 29, 2010 (AFP) - Copenhagen, one of the world's most bicycle-friendly cities, has begun turning its extensive network of cycle paths into bike highways in an effort to push more commuters to leave their cars at home.
Considered one of Europe's two "bicycle capitals" along with Amsterdam, Copenhagen counts more bicycles than people and cycling is so popular that its numerous bike paths can become congested.
Two-wheeler traffic jams are especially regular on the main Noerrebrogade thoroughfare used by around 36,000 cyclists a day.
"You have to elbow your way in to go forward and some cyclists aren't always thoughtful," complains 22-year-old university student Lea Bresell.
The creation of bike highways "comes right on time", says Danish Cyclist Federation spokesman Frits Bredal.
"Copenhagen's roads are overloaded with people who want to ride their bicycles in all kinds of weather," he says.
If in the 1960s Danes viewed the car as the symbol of freedom, the bicycle has assumed that role today, Bredal says.
"It's a mode of transportation used by all social classes, even politicians ride bikes," he says.
It is on crowded Noerrebrogade -- the busiest bicycle street in Europe, according to the cyclist association -- that city planners have decided to build the first of Copenhagen's environmentally friendly boulevards.
The jammed bike paths will be widened up to four metres (yards) on either side of the road, which will itself will be reserved for buses only.
The idea is to make Noerrebrogade "Europe's great cycling street", says Andreas Roehl, the Copenhagen municipality's bicycle programme manager who is also known as "Mister Bike".
But Roehl is not content with making life easier for Copenhagen's inner-city cyclists: he wants to get suburbanites out of their cars and onto two wheels as well.
His goal is to hike the percentage of suburban commuters cycling to and from the city from the 37 percent it is today to over 50 percent by 2015.
Within the city, 55 percent of all commuters already travel by bike, according to the municipality.
Copenhagen's bike highways of tomorrow will be dotted with pit stops where it will be possible to pump up tyres, fix a chain and have a drink of water, Roehl says.
And synchronised traffic lights prioritising bicycles over cars will bring riders from the suburbs into Copenhagen "quickly and safely," he says.
That "could lead car-addicted suburbanites to take their bikes to go to Copenhagen," says cyclist Bresell, for whom bike highways will "make life even more difficult for motorists and easier for cyclists."
Already Copenhagen stands out among other European capitals for its cycling infrastructure, counting more than 390 kilometres (242 miles) of bike paths.
Between 2006 and 2010, it spent 250 million kroner (33.6 million euros) in bike infrastructure and an extra 75 million kroner were allotted for 2011.
The first two city-to-suburb bicycle highways are due to open at the end of 2011 and reach a distance of 15 kilometres from central Copenhagen, while a third, going as far as 20 kilometres from the capital's centre, will be put into service in 2012.
While celebrating the Danish capital's efforts, Bredal of the cyclist association says he hopes the rest of the Scandinavian country, which altogether has 5.5 million inhabitants and around four million bikes, will soon "follow Copenhagen's example."
Denmark's other main cities -- Aarhus, Odense and Aalborg -- are already contemplating similar bike highways, according to the head of the Copenhagen project, Maria Helledi Streuli, who is eager to sing the plan's praise.
"It's an initiative that is good for the environment, for health," Streuli enthuses, adding it also "makes it possible to unclog car traffic and to breathe easier in the city."

Landis doesn't really believe Contador

BERLIN, November 28, 2010 (AFP) - Disgraced cyclist Floyd Landis has placed doubt on reigning Tour de France champion Alberto Contador's claims that a positive test for clenbuterol was down to contaminated meat.
And the American, speaking on German television Sunday, claimed that world cycling chiefs have protected top riders from the scandal of positive doping tests for the past 20 years.
Contador, who has won the race's yellow jersey three times, is facing an uncertain future. He is currently suspended provisionally as anti-doping experts decide whether a positive test for trace amounts of the banned weight loss/muscle building drug at the 2010 race merits a lengthy ban.
Landis knows a thing or two about doping practices. He was stripped of the 2006 Tour de France crown after a positive test for testosterone, and despite denying doping for four years he finally confessed several months ago.
In making his confession, he alleged that former team-mate Lance Armstrong was involved in systematic doping during his spectacular Tour de France career.
Those claims have since prompted a federal investigation into the superstar American.
Landis said that despite even tighter controls being put in place by the sport's governing body the UCI (International Cycling Union), clenbuterol is still used in the peloton.
"I know of riders taking clenbuterol. The chances of getting caught are higher than they used to be, but they're still quite small because the drug usually disappears before the test," said Landis on ARD.
Contador claimed his result was down to contaminated meat which someone from his Astana team bought in Spain, and which he ate on the race's second rest day.
Landis meanwhile reiterated claims against Armstrong, alleging the seven-time Tour de France champion and cancer survivor doped during his career.
But he also claimed that world cycling chiefs, in particular UCI chief Pat McQuaid and his predecessor Hein Verbruggen, "protected" the top riders in the peloton.
"In the peloton, everyone knows that Pat McQuaid, Hein Verbruggen and other UCI officials have protected some riders, and not others, for the past 20 years," added Landis.
"It was manipulation, and their way of creating stars."

Mamba mambo

Golden Hours

It's not just the Swiss..

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Singapore - Cyclone TTT pics

...report on it's way. For those who missed it Aussie super sprinter Robbie McEwen was in Singapore over the weekend, and organised  Tweet ride to watch the race.
Thanks to Hm and Drirtraction for the pics report and results.

28th Nov 2010 SINGAPORE

For the second time in the year, Changi Coast play host to another Team Time Trials, with 300 competitors making the start in teams of fours or twos.

As the end of season race, leaders of the Cyclone Race Series got meticulously choosy in their various winning combination so to gain maximum points to reaffirm their season long lead. This is particularly seen in the hotly contested Mens Masters and Juniors categories.

Tim CLARSEN and the Cannasia-Cannondale team took no chance in the overall, with fellow teammate Rob HENSBY teaming up with fellow leader to blaze the humid day with a 46kmph average over the course of 48km.

The super team of Christina LIEW and Bergtor HAUGA, both leaders for their respective race, for the Mixed QUAD category were on the way to a comfortable win when the team stumble to a disastrous crash mid course, sending Christina to the stretcher with a broken collar bone. The team did not finish and Bergtor was forced to pass lead on. And luckily for Christina, she held on to the massive points lead amass over the season to top the Womens Open.

Anders JARFOR (Team REVSIN) teamed up with a powerhouse lineup consisting of the Patrick POETZSCH, Mark HALLER and current National Masters Champion, Daniel GAN, made no mistakes and won the Masters race, scoring maximum points to overtake Bergtor for the Masters category series lead.
Friendly rivalry were trade between the PICO-Bikelabz team and Cycleworx for the Juniors race, with Marcel DAVIDSE (Team Cycleworx) scored enough points for his Junior ranking to defend his lead over a charging Amirul FAKHURUDDIN (PICO-Bikelabz).

While fellow teammate Amirul comes surprisingly close to the race lead, Ryan CHAN (PICO-BikeLabz) increased his race lead for the Juniors-B category with a strong win in the Juniors QUAD time trials.

It will be a welcoming break for most riders and team, race information for 2011 will be available soon.

Singapore - Cyclone TTT, mens open results

1 288 TIMOTHY CLARSEN, ROBERT HENSBY, LEE HARLE, RYAN MCKAY CANNASIA-CANNONDALE Mens OPEN 15:33.992 (1) 15:40.211 (1) 15:38.005 (1) 15:40.289 (1) 1h02:32.497
2 281 LOW DARREN, DANNY FENG, NICK SWALLOW, JUSTIN EU YEONG CYCLEWORX Mens OPEN 15:44.808 (2) 15:51.241 (2) 16:00.575 (2) 15:53.401 (2) 1h03:30.025 57.528
3 254 ADRIAN MOK, FRANCIS TAN, SHEM LEONG, ALAN SOH ATHLETE'S CIRCLE Mens OPEN 16:25.238 (3) 16:20.181 (3) 16:23.524 (3) 16:25.903 (3) 1h05:34.846 3:02.349
4 284 RICHARD WADDINGTON, JOHN MELIA, BEN WARK, PAUL HADLEE Mens OPEN 17:16.278 (4) 17:04.678 (4) 17:24.060 (4) 16:59.219 (4) 1h08:44.235 6:11.738
5 289 JOHN MCCANN, STEPHEN AMES, CHRIS WOOD, ALEX KNOX ANZA CYCLING UK DIVISION Mens OPEN 17:23.334 (5) 17:25.528 (5) 17:34.841 (5) 17:18.497 (5) 1h09:42.200 7:09.703
6 286 SATOMI ARAKAWA, RYUJI HARA, MAKOTO SHIMAMOTO, SHOHEI KAMENOSONO NEXTSTAGE Mens OPEN 18:33.877 (8) 18:12.068 (6) 18:27.499 (6) 18:03.004 (7) 1h13:16.448 10:43.951
7 287 TAN SENG KIAT, YEOH TEIK LENG, LEONARD LIM CHIN HOE, SERGIO JORGE MOGUEL TEAM FANTASTIC FOUR Mens OPEN 17:59.238 (6) 18:27.838 (7) 18:49.276 (7) 18:01.933 (6) 1h13:18.285 10:45.788
8 285 ROSS PASCOE, ADRIANO NIRO, CHRISTOPHER NYONYINTONO, NICHOLAS BYATT THE B-TEAM Mens OPEN 19:21.080 (9) 18:48.321 (8) 19:13.273 (8) 19:04.077 (8) 1h16:26.751 13:54.254
9 277 HAMBALY ISNANI BIN ISMAIL, AZIANTO BIN JAFFAR, IZAM BIN JAFFAR, DAVID NG BLACK TEAM Mens OPEN 18:27.569 (7) 18:48.424 (9) 19:31.164 (9) 19:57.692 (9) 1h16:44.849 14:12.352

Cyclo Cross World Cup - belgium yesterday

Danny McAskill in a kilt


Autumn is Awesome from Matt Butterworth on Vimeo.

Bike racing returns to Pakistan

Following a brief hiatus mountain bike racing is due to return to Pakistan in 2011. Full details will be available in a few weeks, but the race format will be similar to the one used in the previous Tour of the Karakurrums and Tour of the Himalayas. Teams will be invited to compete in the event, and a "tour" event is planned to run in conjunction with the main event. The race will take place in September in the Kaghan Valley, the area north of Islamabad which was devastated by an earthquake a few years back. The race is part of a fund raising program which assists the victims of the quake. For details of the Kaghan Memorial Trust check out www.kmt.org.pk
For our story on the first staging of the event follow the link bellow.

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Alberto Contador latest

MADRID, November 25, 2010 (AFP) - Triple Tour de France winner Alberto Contador said on Thursday that he was hoping his doping case would be concluded before the end of the year.
"I have no doubts because at no moment have I done anything improper," the Spaniard told Spanish television channel Teledeporte.
"I'd like there to be a solution between now and the end of the year."
Contador emerged from this year's Tour de France with a third yellow jersey to add to his crowns from 2007 and 2009, bolstering his image as stage racing's man of the moment. He also won the Tours of Spain and Italy in 2008.
In September, however, the International Cycling Union (UCI) provisionally suspended the 27-year-old after trace amounts of clenbuterol, a banned weight loss/muscle-building drug that is also used to fatten cattle, were found in a urine sample taken during the three-week epic.
Contador has argued he unknowingly ingested the clenbuterol from beef that was brought from Spain to France during the second rest day of the Tour, just four days before he won his third title on July 25.
Clenbuterol was banned by the European Union in 1996 but it is still administered illicitly by some ranchers.
The UCI asked the Spanish Cycling Federation (RFEC) to open disciplinary proceedings against Contador on November 8.
Asked if he would quit the sport if punished, Contador said "it was too early to say" but added: "I couldn't guarantee that I'd continue."
Contador attributed his relative silence since the story broke in September to the treatment he has received at the hands of the media, saying that he had been "defamed in an incredible fashion".
He also criticised former team Astana for their lack of support but praised his fans for their backing.
The former Astana rider signed a two-year contract with the Saxo Bank team in August.

There's an idea

Munchen magic

Munich clips from Big Col on Vimeo.

Danny McAskill in London


Friday, 26 November 2010

Atherton V Knight

More Mountain Biking Videos

News from Philcycling - Philippines National Federation


DECEMBER 5 – 6, 2010 

Venue : Tagaytay City MASS START / ITT

This cycling competition has been prepared by the PHILCYCLING for the 2011 cycling events, basis for the qualified riders to participate in the incoming Le TOUR de FILIPINAS International on April 16, 2011 and the new PILIPINAS BIKE A TOUR on May 6, 2011.
First three (3) winner from this event will be automatically include in the National Pool to participate in the 2011 SEAGAMES
(Road cycling discipline)
All qualified cyclist will be issued PHILCYCLING/ UCI card 2011 bearing the signature of PHILCYCLING President, Mayor, ABRAHAM N. TOLENTINO,
Cyclist without UCI/ PHILCYCLING card, will not be allowed to participate in any of the 

2011 major Cycling Races sanctioned by the PHILCYCLING

1. ( LE TOUR DE FILIPINAS /UCI International 4- Stage – April 2011 )
2. ( New PILIPINAS BIKE A TOUR 16- Stages local event – May 6, 2011)
Prior to this, all participating cyclist are required to have thier individual ENTRY FORM and submit before December 3, 2010.
sending of Entry Forms may accept even thru email, this is to have us more time to prepare the entry list for the TRANSPONDER.

Santa Cruz

Amazing how many people don't know what this song is about....

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4play - 1

Ride The Dragon - with Nathan Dahlberg

Fancy the epic ride of a lifetime? Yunan in Southwestern China is an amazing place, and a great place for "big" bike rides. Former Tour de France rider and BNA columnist Nathan Dahlberg has ridden many times in the region, and is planning a "training camp" come epic tour in the region in April/May next year. This will be a great ride, and is for serious endurance riders who can take the rough with the smooth - if you think you're up to it check the details bellow, contact Nathan and get training!
Also check our back-story link to Nathan's Yunan ride story from a while back, it'll give you a great feel for the region and the riding.

Join former 7-11/Motorola pro rider and Tour de France veteran Nathan Dahlberg for twelve days of riding near majestic Lijiang, China. This training camp will feature a backdrop of soaring mountains, stunning gorges, and high desert plateaus, exposure to modern and traditional China, and an informal, exploratory, adventurous spirit of hard cycling. 

If you have been on training holidays in places like Majorca or Tucson, this camp will be different. Traveling in China is not trivial, as it treats you to different habits, foods, and social rules.  Moreover, we are not running an elaborate tour company designed to pamper you or serve your every whim, so, while we certainly won't leave you behind, we won't babysit you, either.

We think the payoff for roughing it so far off the beaten path is well worth it. We will visit a fascinating and important part of the world, and we will spend our days pedaling on testing terrain through incredible scenery.  The plateaus are reminiscent of Tibet, the passes could be in Colorado, and the mountains are similar to the Alps, but on a Himalayan scale.  Beyond Lijiang, our itinerary includes passing through the Epic Tiger leaping gorge – one of the deepest Chasms on earth before taking the road to Shangri-La. Than the high point of the trip crossing a 4300 meter pass before descending down to Deqin at the base of Meili Moutain (Beautiful Mountain In Chinese) a peak that has proved unclimable till now on the Tibetan border. From there its cruising back down the Mekong and Yangtze before returning to Lijiang.

The dates are April 26th to May 8th.  So, once you have covered the estimated airfare’s –international to China and national to Lijiang ,a fixed price of US$1300 includes just about everything else.


Lijiang is in Yunnan Province in southern China near the border of Sichuan Province and Tibet.  Its magical reputation is due to a combination of breathtaking horizons, year-round springtime weather, and vibrant wooded countryside’s. The Old City is one of the best preserved and restored examples of historical architecture in all of China, and it was listed as a UNESCO World Culture Heritage Site in 1997. Lijiang owes its traditions to the Naxi people, who blend elements of Chinese and Tibetan ways of life. The Mosuo, notable for their matriarchal society, can also be found near Lijiang.

Lijiang is an ideal base for riding. Easily accessible empty country roads lead to routes that vary from flat to rolling to world-class climbing (nearby Jade Dragon Mountain is 5850meters high).  The city is at 2500 meters; expect little chance of rain and highs in the mid - 20's in May. And while we do not provide expensive luxuries as part of the camp, the strong tourist economy makes it so that every comfort amenity is available, from cappuccinos to high-speed internet.

Proposed plan (but like all great adventures this is flexible - there's a lot of uncharted ground here).

April 26th arrive in Lijiang
April 27th  
Late arrivals, bike prep, afternoon exploratory ride through local village’s
April 28th Ride to Center of Tiger leaping Gorge 140kms mainly down hill.
April 29th Ride to Shangri-La around Haba Mountain 160kms via 3 Mountain pass’s – up to 3800 meters high, hardest day.
April 30thst Ride across Tibetan Plateau – descend to Benzilian on Yangtse
May 1 Benzilain to Deqin crossing over 4300 meter pass 120kms
May 2 Rest Day Deqin – visit Mei Li Mountain at 6700 meters one of highest unclimbed peaks in the World.
May 3 Climb out of Deqin than start descending down the Mekong to Weixi est 190kms
May4th Climb over to Tacheng. Est 100kms
May5th From Tacheng descend down Yangtse than climb up over to Lijiang est 170kms
May 6th Extra day in case of bad weather or need of an additional rest day
May7th  Lijiang countryside ride and tourist day
May 8th Riders depart for home

Contact Nathan at - n.dahlberg@xtra.co.nz

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Spanish beef producers make no bones about Contador's claims

MADRID, November 22, 2010 (AFP) - Spain's main association of beef cattle producers (ASOPROVAC) on Monday called for an investigation into claims by Alberto Contador that contaminated meat was behind his positive doping test during the Tour de France.
The association said in a statement it had asked public prosecutors to open "a probe to clarify the possible truthfulness of the facts told by Alberto Contador."
It added: "Given that the cyclist has not made a formal complaint against public institutions -- the only way to trigger an official investigation that would definitively clear up this affair once and for all -- the association has decided to put the case in the hands of public prosecutor."
Contador emerged from this year's Tour de France with a third yellow jersey to add to his crowns from 2007 and 2009, bolstering his image as stage racing's man of the moment. Contador also won the Tours of Spain and Italy in 2008.
In September, however, the International Cycling Union (UCI) provisionally suspended the 27-year-old after trace amounts of clenbuterol, a banned weight loss/muscle-building drug that is also used to fatten cattle, were found in a urine sample taken on the three-week epic.

Erensto Colnago

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Tour de Langkawi first teams announced


KUALA LUMPUR - The Le Tour de Langkawi (LTdL) organisers have confirmed five teams to return to Le Tour de Langkawi (January 23 to February 1st) after their positive showing in the 2010 edition of the Malaysian stage race. They are Tabriz Petrochemical from Iran, Aisan Racing Team from Japan, Polygon Cycling Team from Indonesia, Drapac-Porsche from Australia and Giant Asia Racing Team from Taiwan, all continental teams from the Asia-Pacific region.
“Le Tour de Langkawi being one of the only four UCI H.C. races on the Asia Tour, it’s part of our duty to give exposure to some of the teams from our continent”, said the CEO of Le Tour de Langkawi, Mohamed Salleh. “Some teams are faithful to our event and we’re happy to reward them with inviting them once again.”
Tabriz Petrochemical are the defending champions in the teams’ competition of LTdL since they outclassed ISD-Neri and Footon-Servetto earlier this year. They also had three riders in the individual top ten overall of the race won by Venezuela’s José Rujano with Hossein Askari finishing third, Ghader Mizbani ninth and Ahad Kazemi tenth.
Aisan’s first appearance as a Japanese team at LTdL after years of the participation of the national team and Meitan-Hompo with their stars Yukiya Arashiro and the Fukushima brothers, was a successful one with the unexpected stage win for the then national champion Taiji Nashitani who outsprinted eventual U23 world champion Michael Matthews from Jayco-Skin at Parit Sulong on stage 4.

Drapac-Porsche was even more successful as they bagged the final stage from Kuala Kubu Baru to Kuala Lumpur with Stuart Shaw outsprinting Footon-Servetto’s Vidal Celis at Dataran Merdeka (Independence Square). Peter McDonald finished fourth overall and was crowned King of the Mountain of the 2010 LTdL. There are tight ties between Australia’s Drapac-Porsche team and Malaysia. The Melbourne-based squad is associated to the development of up-and-coming Adiq Husainie Othman. For the 2011 season, Malaysia’s road race national champion will be joined at Drapac by compatriot Amir Mustafa Rusli who finished third overall at the Jelajah Malaysia.
The winner of the 2010 Jelajah Malaysia David McCann will be back in action at LTdL with the famous Taiwanese team Giant Asia Racing team. The Irish champion for time trial had a prolific season with winning the Melaka Governor Cup, the Tour of Taiwan and the Tour of the Philippines in 2010. “There’s one race I’d like to win in Asia before I quit racing, it’s Le Tour de Langkawi”, said McCann who believes he’ll have a stronger line up on his side in 2011.
More teams are expected to sign up for LTdL in the coming days as the organisers have planned 23 teams to enter the event, three of them being from Malaysia, ten from Asia-Pacific and ten from Europe and the US. “Our technical department is working hard on getting good teams to attend our race”, Mohamed said. “We’re confident that the sixteenth edition of Le Tour de Langkawi will be a very good one on an international scale.”
After three years of omission, Le Tour de Langkawi will kick off on the paradisiacal island of Langkawi again on January 23rd.
Le Tour de Langkawi 2011 is organized by the Ministry Youth and Sports Malaysia together with the Malaysian National Cycling Federation. The 2011 Tour to be held from 23rd January to 1st February covers a total distance of 1315.4 kms with 10 stages, starting in Langkawi Island and ending at Dataran Merdeka.

Pro Tour license update

Team BMC Racing was awarded a 2011 Pro Tour license today, while current Pro Tour team Futon who will become Geox and have Carlose Sastre and Denis Menchov on their books was declined a slot.

Omega Pharma-Lotto*
Quick Step Cycling Team
Rabobank Cycling Team*
Saxo Bank SunGard
Sky ProCycling*
Team RadioShack

BMC Racing Team
USA /   2011-2014
ESP /  2011-2012
USA /  2011-2014
ITA /    2011-2014
Luxembourg Pro Cycling Project
LUX /   2011-2014
Movistar Team
ESP /   2011-2013
Pro Team Astana
KAZ /   2011-2013
Vacansoleil-DCM Pro Cycling Team
NED /  2011-2013